Home Test pH Kit Book

Home Test pH Kit Book


A simple guide to pH understanding, 40 pages, paperback, by Deborah Page Johnson, B.F.A. This is the same book that comes in the Home Test pH Kit. Includes acid/alkaline-forming foods tear-out pocketcard and easy reference bookmark.

This 40 page book is loaded with easy to understand, easy to read information. Book explains in simple terms that a pH level is the measure of acid to alkaline present in the human body and how your lifestyle relates to this reading. Loaded cover to cover with useful tid-bits and includes; an acid-forming and alkaline-forming foods tear-out pocket card you can take with you to the grocery store or restaurant. Healthy nutritious recipes, and charts to follow pH paper readings and to keep a journal of what you eat to correspond with the reading

Human blood pH should be slightly alkaline, ranging from 7.35 to 7.45. The easiest and least expensive way to monitor a healthy pH balance in the body is by measuring the pH of the urine or saliva. A good marker for balance is for both our urine and saliva to be maintained within a 6.8 to 7.2 range. How we handle buffers and process acids directly relates to our overall health. Learn what simple steps you can take to better absorb vitamins and minerals, stop bone loss, eliminate acid reflux and heartburn, loose or gain weight and feel better than you have felt in years. Enjoy life again! See the connection between green and how you feel.

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