Home Test pH Kit

Home Test pH Kit


Take the confusion out of pH testing. Easy self-test Home Test pH Kit™ for urine or saliva, is a simple and inexpensive tool anyone can use for accurate on-the-spot readings. The kit gives you enough testing material for 120 pH tests along with a 40 page book loaded with easy to understand pH basics. Included is a handy Acid/Alkaline Basic Foods Pocket Card and bookmark.

The pH strips & chart will give you the ability to determine your pH level at home. See results immediately! A pH level is the measure of acid to alkaline present in the human body. This pH test kit is a simple and inexpensive tool anyone can use to easily measure their body's pH level by testing urine or saliva. Learn why our body's ability to handle buffers and release acids is an important factor in over all health. No more guessing. See for yourself if your diet is supporting your body's acid to alkaline levels. This kit takes the confusion out of pH testing and what the right diet is for you. After all, what good is a pH reading if you don't know what it means or how to make corrections. Urine and Saliva each tell their own story. Knowledge equals success.

Full Kit includes:

  • 15 foot roll of pH test strips in a clear dispenser
  • Easy to understand instructions on use of pH strips
  • Accurate 5.5 to 8.0 pH chart in .2 point increments
  • 40 page information book (7th edition updated info)
  • Acid/alkaline forming foods pocket card for quick reference
  • Bookmark, with quick reference reminders
  • Book contains a daily pH and foods record-keeping forms, healthful recipes, plus many articles for a better understanding of pH
  • Product ships in a polybag

Factors of pH

All organic matter on this planet has a pH level, including humans. Seven point zero being considered neutral, anything above alkaline. Pure water in its perfect state should be at a 7.2, slightly alkaline. However, unless it is closely monitored bacteria will grow quickly and the water will become unsafe to drink. Therefore, most bottled and tap water will be slightly acid, around 5.2. You have probably heard of acid rain killing the forests it touches, acid is not good for our inner environments either. The healthy point for humans measured by the urine is believed by many health care professionals to be in the 6.8 to 7.2 range

There are many factors which play a role in an unhealthy pH level, including but not limited to stress. certain medications, metabolic and muscular functions in the body, and the food we eat and the liquid we drink. The pHydrion paper in this kit may be able to give you a quick and convenient way to test your body's acid/alkaline balance on a daily basis. Once you have an idea of where you lie in this range, steps may be taken to control your health.

This is not meant to replace good sound medical advice, rather a means of supplementing your overall good health maintenance. An excellent visual tool which may be helpful in learning which foods balance and allow the body to function at peak performance and which foods aren't as helpful, because pH balance is the secret of life itself.

What are the repercussions of living in acid times?

The body must maintain the bloodstream at 7.365, which is slightly alkaline, 7.0 being neutral. In the face of excess acid your body will leach the calcium right out of its bones to buffer the acid. Why? In order, to keep the bloodstream within its narrow and crucial margins, not only for health, but for life itself. Your body will also deplete its potassium reserves to neutralize excess acid. You lose these precious mineral. Nutrients from your foods cannot be absorbed, nor can the supplements you take be utilized in an acid environment. Eventually, the cells for you body become saturated with Acid and the stage is set for disease.

How do people feel when they are too acid?

Tired. Depleted. Nervous. They complain of muscle ache and pains. Indigestion and acid stomach are common complaints. Constipation and bloating are frequent. Urine may be burning. More cavities may develop. People even complain of their gold jewelry turning green against their skin. What people can't feel is their bones getting brittle from calcium depletion. They can't feel their cells starving for oxygen in an acid medium, nor the stress it puts on the liver and-pancreas which needs an alkaline medium in order to function best.

Note - Prolonged alkalosis can cause a drop into acidosis due to adrenal cortex exhaustion. Insufficient HC1 in the stomach can create fementation acids experienced as heartburn.

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